Tiger Pro Shaft


Brand Tiger
Tiger Pro® super low deflection shaft:

This is by far the best super low to no deflection shaft in the market today. It’s is made with same 5X patented laminated construction and pin point balance accuracy and flex point combined with Tiger’s European gradual taper. This shaft is the best in its category. If you want the lowest deflection shaft in the world look no further, this is it. Many low deflection shaft move away from all wood construction and insert other materials and just leave hollow inside the front part of the shaft, taking away the solid feel. Tiger Pro shaft is made all solid wood construction and allows the player to gain more natural power, best possible feel, superb feedback with lots of added spin and control. This shaft has Tiger’s own European gradual taper, 12.00 mm tip size, ¼” Safer-T ferrule and Onyx-LTD laminated tip.

What are the advantages of playing with one of Tiger’s X shafts.

Selected 5A grade quality Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Solid 5X patented construction for radial consistency and power. Creative flex and balance points for pin point accuracy, best feedback and feel. It gives you better cue ball control compared to other low deflection shafts made in the world today. Added special front end tendon and ferrule technology helps minimizing deflection. Using the best materials in the world gives you the most durable, cleanest looking shafts and ferrules in the world. Try any of our X shafts and experience the superior performance for yourself.

All Tiger X shafts are proudly made in the USA.